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The best way to predict
the future is to create it.

-Peter Drucker

Our vision

The dynamic growth of information and production technologies creates tremendous potential for the development of new companies and startups. However, there is often a problem with the lack of profitability of these enterprises. It turns out that these organizations have no appropriate business model that allows them to function effectively on the market, acquire and retain loyal customers, as well as manage the company’s finances.

A frequent problem of newly created startups is the lack of cash flow, especially in the first phase of operations. With improper management, many interesting business ideas may not be realized.

That is why it is so important for us to choose the right business strategy for new ventures. Thanks to our experience and acquired knowledge, we are able to accurately assess the possibilities of developing new projects. By doing in-depth analysis, we invest in companies that have high profitability in the long run.

Who we Are?

Our company – Venture Eleven was founded in 2015. Ever since it has been engaged in in investment activities, such as purchasing blocks of shares or investment projects with expected high rates of return on invested funds. Our main areas of interest are technology, production and industrial sectors. We constantly work on increasing the value of our investment portfolio by active management, acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

It is important for us to care about each project, which is why, apart from investments, we also deal with administration and management issues. An important aspect for us is to realistically assess the development potential of new ventures. In our business, we are not guided by the latest fads or temporary trends. Investment standards and values that we have been faithful to for many years are essential to us. We also believe in loyalty to our business partners, application of proven investment practices, ethics and transparent rules of cooperation.

Range of our activities

What We Do


We search for profitable companies that are characterized by dynamic development and operate in promising industries


We invest in projects that we believe have great development potential and already have the first clients and revenues


We prepare company development strategies that will strengthen the market position and gain a competitive advantage over the competition.


We improve the efficiency of current business processes in companies.


We improve the results of the company's operation by modifying the functioning structure and optimizing costs.


We analyze and evaluate the quality of internal processes in companies. Thanks to an objective view, we develop solutions to improve the operations and profitability of enterprises.

Where We Invest?


Profitable companies that have an established position on the market, with an upward trend in terms of revenues and profits


Technology companies that are characterized by unique ideas, dynamic development and increasing revenues

It is worth noting here that our funds are intended for companies in the A series phases or in the early stages of development of the so-called seed/early growth phases. At this stage of new ventures, it is easier to predict the potential return on investment.

Sectors in which we invest

Industry 4.0

Production companies, characterized by a high degree of automation and optimization of production processes, with the industry know-how as well as a distinctive way of operating.


Companies dealing with technologies for modernizing and automating work in the financial sector.

VR / AR / Mobile Technologies

Companies that create software for multimedia virtual reality. entities that create software dedicated to smartphones and mobile devices.

Real Estate

Commercial properties with with high returns on investment.


Companies producing software that allows you to control many wireless devices via the internet.

Renewable Energy Sources

Companies dealing in technologies to improve the harvesting of natural, renewable energy sources.

Capital commitment

€100.000 - €5.000.000

Depending on the investment strategy adopted, our capital commitment varies. Venture Eleven’s current investments range from a few percentage points to over 50%. We cooperate with other financial investors on larger projects.

Our Portfolio

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